How to connect with people face to face – infographic

Creative thinking involves generating new ideas, making new decisions and taking new actions that are novel, useful and surprising. Interactions with others can help that all to happen.

A client admitted concern because her younger team members didn’t know how to hold conversations. She feared their not feeling comfortable in situations ripe for collaborative creativity. Although they spoke easily about business in face-to-face situations they lacked personal connections with each other and their clients.

She was delighted with the points on this infographic and used it with her team during hosted lunches. Once they felt comfortable with the three steps, they extended their reach with clients by having lunches specifically targeted for strengthening connections.

Perhaps this is something you might explore with your team.  It’s an easy and effective  World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 activity.  New ideas, new ideas, new actions that make the world a better place and make your place in the world better too.  Why not, eh?

To really connect with people…

  • Ask insightful questions
  • Add value
  • Learn their stories


More good pointers here: Awkward No More: 6 Powerful Communication Tips from the World’s Best Interviewers


Marci Segal, MS, freeing leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures.


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