cLand2/Marci Segal Consulting offers creativity-thinking and innovation consulting services, executive team building, training and products, methods and related services, conference presentations and keynotes, as well as course design, trainers, facilitators, and consultants.  The company began as Creative Problem Solving, founded by Marci Segal, in 1984. Its name changed to creativityland inc. in 2001 and cland2/Marci Segal Consulting in 2015.

Located in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, cLand2/Marci Segal Consulting provides service to client organizations throughout the world.


The logo symbolizes freeing thinking to create new futures.


cLand2/Marci Segal Consulting offers

  • Passport to Innovation™ action-learning programs that embed innovation every day on-the-job, over time.
  • Two-day derivatives include – PTI facilitation to free new thinking for new solutions on a current project
  •  PTI process (learn how to solve problems creatively) and PTI facilitation tools and techniques (boot camps for new solutions facilitators).
  • Executive team-building and transformation facilitation with conversation and collaboration
  • Interactive, refreshing and inspiring conference keynote, Ted-like, and seminar presentations on creativity language, practices, and research
  • Large group facilitation designs for full participant engagement

Marci Segal, MS

Organizations contact Marci to speak about, train and lead transformation-related programs: creativity methods, interpersonal imagination and productivity, people’s styles, collaboration, team cohesion and innovation processes, systems and tools.

Concrete approach to creative thinking

For over 30 years, Marci has worked with thousands of senior executives, managers and team leaders in Canada, the US and abroad transforming their traditional notions about imagination and innovation in the workplace, so they can use it to fuel employee engagement toward producing results. She is known for concrete approaches to creative thinking, problem solving and innovation.

Marci facilitates, educates, creates and provides tools and techniques clients apply immediately to see positive results. Marci is an expert team-building facilitator for senior teams. She’s been called on throughout the US, Canada, and Europe to support leadership teams responsible for transformation and innovation, enabling cohesion to foster new growth.

Clients include: NASA, PHD Canada, Ricoh Americas Corporation and Ricoh Canada Inc., Agnew Peckham and Associates, SPM Learning, CIBC, the Ontario Public Service, Robert Bosch LLC, Nike, Rich Products, JAN Kelley Marketing, Scotia Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Tetra Pak AB, Ryerson University, United Way Toronto, Town of Canmore


Passport to Innovation

Passport to Innovation™ (PTI) could be cLand2/Marci Segal Consulting’s most successful leadership program. Organizations and groups engage in creating innovation as their leaders learn tools, methods, and approaches and use them with their colleagues, peers, and reports to achieve new results; they act in ways that enable new behaviours to emerge that create an innovation-friendly culture.

Participants take steps to embed creativity-thinking and innovation every day on the job. Leaders strengthen support systems for communication, connection, and collaboration that enable transformation; they create new futures.

Passport to Innovation™ helps leaders regain the creative confidence of children exploring for results. Through experiencing a series of classes and completing projects, they surprise themselves with how they can lead others to engage meaningfully.

New tools, frameworks, and methods are shared to lead and manage innovation, with built in accountabilities.  Interested?  Let’s talk.

As PTI unfolds, participants

  • embed innovation day-to-day on the job
  • leverage a real opportunities/challenges to moving forward
  • use tools, attitudes, collaborations, new connections, creativity-thinking practices and apply real-time measures

The curriculum is custom fit to address unique organizational needs.

World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21

Marci is also the founder of World Creativity & Innovation Day, April 21 and Week April 15 – 21, a volunteer-run self-organizing doocracy.

It all began to instill a tradition in 2001 to encourage people to use their creativity to make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better too.  It since transformed from a celebration of new ideas, decisions, actions, and outcomes, to include applying creative thinking in problem-solving to help meet the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.  Feel free to participate – see wciw.org.

Participation has grown to at least 50 countries. See World Creativity and Innovation Week Global Facebook group, WCIW Global Facebook page, #wciw, @worldcreativity, WCIW linked in group.

Creativity and innovation pioneer

Marci is a pioneer in creativity and innovation. The Canadian government recognized her for advancing innovation domestically and representing the country on the world stage.

Other recognition from:

  • Creative Education Foundation (US)
  • International Center for Studies in Creativity (US)
  • Innovation Forum (Ukraine)
  • Innovation Summit (India)

Marci’s magic

Marci is an engaging, practical and inspiring presenter, workshop leader, and conversation moderator. Her practice leverages learnings from neuroscience and ensures people learn, network and have fun.  The content and processes she uses are novel, useful and surprising.


Education and Community Involvement Background

Marci was the first Canadian graduate of the International Center Studies for Creativity programs. She holds their Master of Science degree in Creativity and Change Leadership, as well as their undergraduate minor, with a B.A. in cultural anthropology.

She has served on the National Board of Directors for the American Creativity Association and as President of the Ontario Association for the Application of Personality Type. In earlier years, she was the Moderator representative for Canada’s Professional Marketing Research Society and served as the first coordinator of the Springboard program at The Creative Education Foundation’s Annual Creative Problem Solving Institute.


Marci lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada and enjoys biking, hiking and Nordic skiing in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Banff. She hopes you enjoy reading her blog and looks forward to connecting with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in.


  • M.S. (Master of Science) in Creativity and Change Leadership, International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State College
  • Certificate in Creative Studies, International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State College
  • B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Cultural Anthropology, with a minor in Creative Studies, Buffalo State College
  • Qualifications: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument, Insights Discovery, Firo-B®, FourSight, Kirton Adaptor Innovator Inventory, Keys, Situational Outlook Questionnaire, Power and Systems Organization Workshop, HolocracyOne

Faculty Positions

  • Peace Officer Standards and Training Command College, California (since 2009)
  • Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto – Instructor, design (2005-6)
  • Interstrength Associates, Huntington Beach, CA – Associate instructor Type and Creativity (2002 – 2010)
  • Type Resources, Louisville, KY – Qualifying instructor for MBTI® instruments (1993 – 2006)
  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain – Masters in Creativity program instructor  (2001)
  • Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – MBA program instructor (1999)


  • World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, Founder
  • American Creativity Association, Former Board Member
  • Creative Education Foundation, Life Member
  • Ontario Association for the Application of Personality Type, Former President
  • World Future Society


  • Creativity and Personality Type: Tools for Understanding and Inspiring the Many Voices of Creativity, Telos Publications, 2001
  • A Quick Guide to the 16 Types in Organizations, Telos Publications, 2003
  • A Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Creativity: A Psychological Understanding of Innovation, Telos Publications, 2006


  • Distinguished Leader in the Field of Creativity, Creative Education Foundation
  • Inspired Leader, Creative Education Foundation
  • Service and Commitment Award, Creative Education Foundation
  • Proclamation of Service, Creative Education Foundation
  • Excellence in Innovation Award, India Innovation Summit
  • Creative Studies Alumni Achievement Award, Buffalo State College
  • Gold Medal for Social Innovation, Salon of Inventions and New Technologies, Ukraine

Conference and Keynote Speaker (selected)

  • ACRE: International Creativity Conference – South Africa
  • American Creativity Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Society for Quality
  • Association for Psychological Type (presented their first interactive keynote address)
  • CHRA – Ordre des Conseillers en Ressources Humaines Agréés – Québec City
  • CREA: European Association for Creative Problem Solving and Innovation – Italy
  • Creative Problem Solving Institute
  • International Society for Professional Innovation Management
  • Mindcamp, Toronto
  • National Speakers Association
  • State Legislative Leaders Foundation
  • World Future Society

Guest Lectures (partial list)

  • Canfield University, Milton Keynes, UK
  • Goizueta School of Business, Atlanta
  • International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo, NY
  • Rotman School of Management, Toronto
  • York University, Toronto

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI, Myers-Briggs are trademarks or registered trademarks of the MBTI Trust, Inc., in the United States and other countries. FIRO-B is a registered trademark of CPP, Inc.


PHD wins Media Gold and Media Agency of the Year! attributes creativityland for their success. Click to read. Strategy Nov 2010 p.33

Best Health Jan/Feb 2009 p.45-47 Marci’s expertise sought for a quiz linking personality style with fashion style. Click to read.

Keynote presentation at Pfizer Consumer Health for World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, 2006


Interview with Ordre des, Conseillers en Ressources Humaines agréés, CRHA October 2011, Quebec City Creativity and Innovation: What’s Style, Got to Do with it?  Highlights for Human Resource Professionals.(6 -minute video clip)

Innovation Tools Interview with Michelle James, March 2010 Creativity is an essential change management tool for effective leaders, says Marci Segal (online) Globe and Mail, Report on Business, Feb 2010

Workplace Creativity Shrivels on the Vine (print) Igniting Imagination Blog Talk Radio with Host Nellie Jacobs

International Center for Studies in Creativity Forum on Cultural Connections and International Work: Panel discussion hosted by Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers (2009)



“If you have not met Marci, you simply must do so! She offers up endless inspiration, infinite ideas, and endless encouragement. With Creativityland Inc’s proprietary Passport to innovation™ program – Marci’s vision for a long-term senior staff training program (that had never been done before) – our organization has experienced a cultural change with creativity and innovation success at its core. If you are open to uncovering and creating new behaviours and dimensions of performance, Marci has the tools, resources, and most incredible know-how on to make it happen for you.” Zoryana Loboyko, VP Client Service Director, PHD Canada

“Marci did an excellent job for us at one of our town halls.  Her seminar inspired our teams to look harder at maximizing the business value by brainstorming which has helped contribute to many good ideas that we have implemented.  She had a great touch with a tough crowd and seemed to be the right person, at the right time, with the right topic.” – John Clinton, SVP and General Manager, Consumer Publications, Transcontinental Media

“We very much appreciated having you at our 2009 May Conference. You made your presentation fun and enjoyable and your material was applicable and relevant to everyone there. The audience was richer for having listened to your presentation, and it showed as you scored a top rating from 95% of participants in the feedback.” – Conor Houlihan – International Customer Service Association -Toronto Chapter

“Thank you for the great job kicking off our program in Chicago! Yours was one of the most creative sessions we’ve ever had, and you have such a wonderful way of engaging the audience. You got everyone energized and set the tone for the entire weekend. And hopefully, they all went back home with lots of new ideas, new enthusiasm, and new friends. You have a special gift – thanks for sharing it with us!” – Marcia B. VanderVoort, Vice President, State Legislative Leaders Foundation

“You made creativity accessible – even for those who are uneasy expressing.  I wish we had more time with you.” – Dana Francoz, Director of Sales, Publicitas Canada

“I found myself feeling creative while at the same time learning how to empower my audience.” – Pati Trites, CEO, Healthcare Compliance Resources

“Marci took creativity and put it into a logical way to understand and more importantly how to expand.” – Sharon Yoder, VP Operations, Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center

“Awesome session – you have a gift for stretching ordinary ways of thinking to become new and fresh.” – Suzanne Geretz, Director, Whaleback Publishing, Exeter, NH

“Outstanding!! Creative, engaging, and highly enjoyable learning experience. Marci ‘walks her talk, ‘ and we end up being more creative in our thinking and decisions.” – Steve Lashansky, President, Success Dynamics

“Marci is passionate about creativity and has educated many people on overcoming their traditional notions about creativity in the workplace. Marci is a pioneer in her field. She has inspired me tremendously, and I am so glad that I was able to take away such knowledge in the field. Thanks Marci for being a great inspiration!” Stephen Chan, Digital Marketing Specialist, Develop+Design creative management


Creativity 201 for Futurists: How to Further Integrate Creative Practices into Strategic Foresight to Sustain the Human Spirit. By Marci Segal, MS and Megan Mitchell. This World Future Society (WFS) conference article supports using both rational, analytical reasoning with emotional insights when leading futures strategic foresight sessions.  It has content from the one-day WFS pre-conference session Megan, and I created and led a few years ago.

You are Creative: A 21st Century Look at Creativity, and Support for Using it in Business. By Marci Segal, MS. This paper provides a rationale for using new methods, models, and frameworks to expand thinking. It shows what is known in the field of creativity and how we apply the research and principles in business and life  The leading edge of change is scary; it’s new.  What we know about creativity-thinking can help navigate through vulnerabilities of changing with resilience and strength. Your feedback, reactions and other comments are welcome.