Compassion as a #creative thinking strategy

Compassion is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help. Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help physical, spiritual, or emotional hurts or pains of another.Even if compassion is foreign to you, it’s imagining potential can make a difference in your thinking.   Graham Wallas wrote […]

5 ways to build jumpstarting innovation into your business

Innovation is the output of creativity thinking – new ideas, new decisions, new actions, and the human dynamics that enable it to occur. Marci Segal. Listen to feedback, good or bad. Put brainstorming sessions on your calendar. Take someone else’s idea. (then change/adapt it) Start asking better questions. Find creative solutions. Further info at: […]

Beneath it All is the Creative Spirit

Beneath all the creativity tools, tips, techniques, methodologies and process lies the human spirit; incomplete, seeking satisfaction and connection.  Its impulse to meet needs drives a search for new ideas, new decisions and new actions. Creativityland works with the creative human spirit, opening doors to broader perception and deeper insight from which breakthroughs emerge. We […]

How to connect with people face to face – infographic

Creative thinking involves generating new ideas, making new decisions and taking new actions that are novel, useful and surprising. Interactions with others can help that all to happen. A client admitted concern because her younger team members didn’t know how to hold conversations. She feared their not feeling comfortable in situations ripe for collaborative creativity. […]

Design Thinking Bootcamp Slides Redux

Greetings all. Hope you enjoy this refresh of the Design Thinking Bootcamp slides. The original post disappeared…. You might like to scan this design thinking slide deck to generate new ideas, make new decisions and take new actions in your organization. Before you do, a reminder it’s helpful to entertain new ways of perceiving and […]

How to give way to potential and overcome the obstacle of saying no

Yesterday’s lunch and learn with a global media company brought to light, again, that it’s hard to get  people to say yes to new ideas.  Especially in times as confusing these.   What’s up with people saying no?  “Simple”, said  one of the leaders of the organization at the session, “people say no to new […]

Need a metaphor for new ideas? Try this bio-mimickry stimulus – octopus. Great video.

They say tigers don’t change their stripes; cephalopods do though.  This video shows their amazing capacity to adapt to their environment. You can use this as a tool for generating new thinking on any topic – the squid skin (at about minute 2) has great qualities you can leverage.

27 creativity and innovation tools, from ideaDJ to enhance your #WCIW (and then some)

Marc Heleven & Ramon Vullings help people ‘sell ideas visually’. They have a for free download for you: 27 creativity & innovation techniques well worth your taking a look when in need of some new ways to help people generate new ideas, make new decisions and take new actions. 27 creativity and innovation tools – […]