Emotions of Genius

So many emotions in the creating process. Illustrator Grant Snyder shows something of it in his work, Genius is… [two_third_last] [/two_third_last] Genius, in other words, is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Can a process be structured to embrace it all?  Perhaps.  We’re working on this now.  Care to chat? […]

2014 Year in Marketing – good questions for new thinking

This Haiku deck shares trigger questions that can open doors of perception and considerations. Even though it’s geared for marketing, anyone can leverage these when seeking new ideas so to make new decisions for new actions. Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad MARCI SEGAL, MS Freeing leaders’ thinking so they can […]

Rotator Cuff Metaphor for Creativity

“In order to recover our sense of hope and the courage to create, we must acknowledge and mourn the scars that are blocking us.” Julia Cameron, author of The Artists’ Way, wrote this as a Facebook update on Saturday.  I immediately linked it to the Active Release Therapy (ART) I’m involved to relieve rotator cuff […]

What’s next for idea generating with multitasking on the rise?

  How might the face of idea generating and facilitated creativity and innovation sessions change with TV multitasking is on the rise?   A recent report from the Multimedia Research Group says  watching TV has become a hot topic within the TV entertainment industry.  Everyone is seeking to understand how we will use our second-screen […]

Creativity Expert Exchange @ Buffalo State, What a treat! What a trigger for ethics

It’s great to go to a conference hosted by the International Center for Studies in Creativity. These are folks who know what it takes to enliven, engage, and encourage creativity and creative thinking. The event is a home-coming for me because the ICSC is my alma mater, and as well as extending a welcome to […]

How do Creativity Facilitators Need to Behave? A checklist of sorts

Every so often for a break I clean out files.  Here’s today’s find, a gem. Questions for people in helping roles to consider (adapted from Fundamentals of Counseling Shertzer and Stone, 1974 p.8). What if these are questions are for creativity facilitators as well.  You think?  Should they be? Can I behave in some way […]

Fun Failure: How to Make Learning Irresistible | MindShift

See on Scoop.it – Creativity and Learning InsightsFailure is a positive act of creativity,” Katie Salen said. Scientists, artists, engineers, and even entrepreneurs can advance their learning through having fun.See on blogs.kqed.org Marci Segal, MS. Creativity and Change Leadership. Freeing leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures.

Can you answer these interview questions? Can your ideas?

These interview questions were collected from 14 different employers as their favourites to ask job candidates by freelance writer Jeff Haden for Inc.com   What if…. You used these questions, modified as needed, to interview idea candidates for your next great idea.  That’s right, pretend your short list of ideas are people. What do you […]

Confused? No wonder. The rules changed while you slept.

Eddie Obeng produced the World After Midnight video about why the world is the way it is. Even though it’s stacked with truisms, its eight minutes give pause for reflecting about the confusion of our times. Watching it enables you to forgive everyone else (what are also experiencing this confusion and likely not talking about […]