Leaders as Social Architects for Innovation: Short video of Harvard prof

Professor Linda Hill knows about leadership and innovation. She is chair of the Leadership Initiative at Harvard Business School, has visited and studied innovative companies, from Toy Story creators Pixar to Google, and written several books on the subject. Conventional wisdom suggests the leader in a creative environment has to be a visionary, such as […]

Innovation Is Vital for Your Organization’s Survival: Must-Learn Lessons From Sir Ken Robinson

Innovation is critical to both the success and the survival of organizations, and imagination is the spark that fuels it, Sir Ken argues. Source: www.marketingprofs.com The link leads to his 90-minute presentation to marketing professors on the nature of innovation in organizations. In his presentation, Sir Ken Robinson reveals pivotal think points. These support the […]

The Hard Work of Invention – Annotated Book Review Link

Walter Isaacson, the author of definitive biographies of Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein, finds that brilliant ideas invariably have a history, and that brilliant innovators are people who know how to build on the work of others to turn ideas into reality. As he puts it, “Only in storybooks do inventions come like a thunderbolt.” […]

5 ways to build jumpstarting innovation into your business

Innovation is the output of creativity thinking – new ideas, new decisions, new actions, and the human dynamics that enable it to occur. Marci Segal. Listen to feedback, good or bad. Put brainstorming sessions on your calendar. Take someone else’s idea. (then change/adapt it) Start asking better questions. Find creative solutions. Further info at: fortune.com […]

World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21

Friends, today, April 21, is World Creativity and Innovation Day, named in 2001, it was expanded to World Creativity and Innovation Week in 2005. I hope you experienced inspired joy, delight. opportunity, and potential during this week, together with so many others all over the world. Let’s continue to keep the energy moving for new […]

There is always more than one right answer

Your task, if you choose to engage in and/or lead innovation, is to Open thinking to new ideas, new potentials, new solutions, new opportunities Explore what might work within the current context that takes things forward Smile   Marci Segal, MS, Freeing leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures. Wishing you flexibility, inner strength, […]

Appealing to people now, in the moment, of this age

Thought to bring you a very well put together generational profile of the millennial generation produced by Brand Amplitude LLC. You can see their 22-page deck here. Shout out to Velvet Chainsaw Consulting for the link.  BTW one of their more popular posts is 25 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Next Event. Creativity […]

Design Thinking Bootcamp Slides Redux

Greetings all. Hope you enjoy this refresh of the Design Thinking Bootcamp slides. The original post disappeared…. You might like to scan this design thinking slide deck to generate new ideas, make new decisions and take new actions in your organization. Before you do, a reminder it’s helpful to entertain new ways of perceiving and […]

Looking for an online resource to inspire creativity? Use Everything is a Remix Part 3

This 10-minute video presents enough information to set anyone in motion who has an outlook of besting what happened before and creating something new.  Knowledgeable facilitators and trainers will be able to make at least a 90-minute workshop/program from using this as a resource, and determined innovation leaders can use this to set something new […]