Passport to Innovation®

Passport to Innovation®  embeds innovation day-to-day. It is a program and approach for organizations who want new results and to develop their people at the same time.

PTI is for organizations with less than 300 employees, and who want to unleash their people’s creative potential and engage them in making a difference in their work, the organizations’ mission and influence their industry.

PTI is an action-learning program. It develops leaders. They

  • Learn innovation processes
  • Use creative thinking tools
  • Create innovation-friendly environments
  • Enable innovative products to result.

By the end of the program, participants know key interpersonal and process innovation checkpoints through which to create new futures for customers, the organization, teams, and products.

According to the American Society of Training and Development, 40% of learned skills transfer immediately.  Without reinforcement, only 25% of competencies learned in training remain after six months.  In other words, only 10% of learned skills remain if not reinforced. That’s one of the reasons PTI is structured the way it is.

In PTI training, people engage and

  • learn to lead, facilitate, coach and manage innovation
  • deliberately use creativity-thinking mechanisms to unleash possibilities
  • crack open new thinking to create new futures

They learn

  • proprietary tools and proven methods
  • coaching language and practice
  • facilitation secrets and tips
  • inspirational communication styles to engender possibility
  • interpersonal dynamics so they can expect and overcome innovation challenges and hurdles

At the end they

  • know what it takes to make change happen
  • anticipate roadblocks and plan around them
  • use strategic foresight to project different futures
  • belong to an innovation-minded community of colleagues who want new actions to take place

Additional Passport to Innovation services include

  • Two-day sessions for teams to get unstuck, moving them forward around a project – this often takes the form of leadership or team off-site that builds cohesion and enriches capacity.
  • Facilitator training
  • 1:1 Innovation coaching
  • Occasional activities to inspire new thinking, and stretch the boundaries of ‘the unusual’ to enhance projects and enliven teams
  • Lunch and learn programs, sparks, and conversations
  • Meaningful off-site visits and conferences
  • Web-based learning
  • Innovation competence and performance checks and measures
  • Keynote and conference presentations

Passport to Innovation®  programs facilitate leaders’ development to competently apply reliable, useful, and thought-inspiring tools, methods, systems and coaching to lead and embed innovation day-to-day on the job. We free leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures.

For specifics and conversation, contact Marci at marcisegal at mac dot com.