Creativity – Issue 20: Creativity – Nautilus

Nautilus dedicated an entire issue to Creativity. Browsing through the pages you’ll find ample reason to support engaging in World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, this year, and the next. You’ll also appreciate how new ideas, new decisions and new actions enable businesses and organizations to transform and evolve. In 2010, IBM […]

Creativity: an Academic Discipline

The NY Times posted this article today, must be true then, eh? IT BOTHERS MATTHEW LAHUE and it surely bothers you: enter a public restroom and the stall lock is broken. Fortunately, Mr. Lahue has a solution. It’s called the Bathroom Bodyguard. Standing before his Buffalo State College classmates and professor, Cyndi Burnett, Mr. Lahue […]

Creativity and the Brain: Research and Insights

See on – Creativity and Learning Insights Creativity and the Brain – “We were born to create! In fact, before we were born, we, with the help of our mothers, exerted a significant amount of energy in creating neural connections among neurons (the brain’s major brain cells). These connections created a complex brain system, […]

Does Brainstorming for Innovation Work? Maybe not… when you consider personality style

  “Fresh ideas come when your brain is relaxed and engaged in something other than the particular problem you’re embroiled in… This is the polar opposite of what happens in brainstorming sessions. Long showers, soaks in a tub, long walks, or doing chores are frequently when those “synapses” that find alternative solutions to a problem […]

Sweating Your Way to Creativity

   Creativity: The ability to bring together disparate ideas in new and useful combinations. You like?  I read it in a review of Christopher Bergland’s The Athlete’s Way: Sweat and the Biology of Bliss in Psychology Today.  He makes good points about the benefit of ‘sweat equity’ (ouch the pun!) in the creative process. Albert […]

The Science of Creativity in 2013 – repost from BigThink

Sam McNerny’s BigThink blogpost is bolded for your reading ease. I appreciate the cursory overview and insights into what might be the future for the field.  Would be great to hear from others about their predictions of where the study of creativity and methods used to evoke new ideas, new decisions and spur new actions […]

Adobe survey: Creativity is important for career success – repost from Smartplanet

Could creativity be the key to performing well at work? Yes, according to a recent online survey commissioned by software maker Adobe. The study found that 78% of college-educated, full-time salaried American adults 25 and older believe that “creativity is important” to their current career. A whopping 85% of the 1,000 survey participants agree that “creative thinking is […]

Creativity – how valuable is it? Adobe releases Global Study of Creativity – from Venture Beat

  Adobe study reveals massive creativity gaps, but not in gender or age April 23, 2012 11:07 AM Jolie O’Dell   Whether you’re able to be creative or not has little to do with how old you are or whether you’re female or male, but it might depend heavily on where you live, how your boss […]

Physical Act of Creativity. Moving helps. Research.

Highlights from new research on body movement and creativity Divergent thinking goals are: to generate many different kinds of ideas, to generate many ideas and to generate brand new ideas (there are tools for these).  Greater success occurs in divergent thinking when two hands are used  (as in the phrase, on the other hand…) Convergent […]

What's the big deal about creativity?

Let’s face it, people use their creativity everyday, even you.  You create mash-ups, make new decisions, use your imagination, combine existing elements into new patterns and relationships and more, and not necessarily because you want to. As conditions continue to change more rapidly than ever you adapt, we all adapt.  For example with the growth […]