Wishing you Moments of Inspired Joy…

…as doors for emerging new potentials open during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21, 2015. Vi auguro tutti i momenti di gioia ispirata come porte per emergere nuove potenzialità aperto durante mondiale creatività e dell’innovazione settimana 15-21 aprile 2015. Je vous souhaite tous les moments de joie inspirée que des portes pour l’émergence de […]

The Hard Work of Invention – Annotated Book Review Link

Walter Isaacson, the author of definitive biographies of Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein, finds that brilliant ideas invariably have a history, and that brilliant innovators are people who know how to build on the work of others to turn ideas into reality. As he puts it, “Only in storybooks do inventions come like a thunderbolt.” […]

5 ways to build jumpstarting innovation into your business

Innovation is the output of creativity thinking – new ideas, new decisions, new actions, and the human dynamics that enable it to occur. Marci Segal. Listen to feedback, good or bad. Put brainstorming sessions on your calendar. Take someone else’s idea. (then change/adapt it) Start asking better questions. Find creative solutions. Further info at: fortune.com […]

Creativity – Issue 20: Creativity – Nautilus

Nautilus dedicated an entire issue to Creativity. Browsing through the pages you’ll find ample reason to support engaging in World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, this year, and the next. You’ll also appreciate how new ideas, new decisions and new actions enable businesses and organizations to transform and evolve. In 2010, IBM […]

Innovation age began in 1972. Agree? Born then? You have a special destiny.

Creativity and Innovation on your agenda?  Think broadly. Everything matters. What you do affects others, what others decide impacts you. The innovation age began in 1972; people born then have important innovation roles In 1972, forty-one years ago, the Blue Marble, a famous photograph of the Earth was taken by the crew of the Apollo […]

Looking for an online resource to inspire creativity? Use Everything is a Remix Part 3

This 10-minute video presents enough information to set anyone in motion who has an outlook of besting what happened before and creating something new.  Knowledgeable facilitators and trainers will be able to make at least a 90-minute workshop/program from using this as a resource, and determined innovation leaders can use this to set something new […]

What Futurists Do – You may be one, you know…

Cisco futurist Dave Evans Do you see where the world is going? Are you doing something today to create what you want tomorrow? Then you are acting like a futurist. Think about it. That’s what unleashing creativity and leveraging innovation is all about. Marci Segal, MS Freeing leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures