Intellectual Hide-and-Seek Taught in Schools

The more I work with leadership teams the more I see the influence intellectual hide and seek being played, and, I wonder what the fix is, or even if a fix is needed. Ronald Beghetto, a University of Oregon College of education researcher, is bringing attention to the micro-moments in class during which teachers influence […]

Why schools don't teach for creative intelligence: A rant

Is creativity welcome? Watching this George Carlin clip piqued my cynicism this morning. Creativity is portioned. It was condoned in early days to the arts and religion, and for good purpose.  It needed an outlet.  Fine arts allowed for personal expression; crafts contributed design to functional items.  Passion plays with all their decorations and oratorios […]

Creativity conference post-script

Just off the phone with a colleague congratulating me for objectively reporting some aspects of my experience during the past week. Other emails, tweets and Facebook messages are saying the same thing. “It’s one of things I do well,” I said. “Are you going to write anything positive about the conference?” she responds. “I can […]

Images on the rise…shape of reporting and policies to come?

Powerpoint shows are no longer decks of data and words. Images are on the rise. Right brain engagement (images, gestalt) is surpassing left brain (written words, sequential) dominance. This is occurring in newspapers too. This clip from a recent Wired magazine article may foretell the future direction for of newspaper reporting content. Imagine this is […]

When leading innovation, does the male/female ratio count?

I’m not sure, though it’s likely. It’s a question I’ll be putting forward at the International Society for Professionals in Innovation ( conference in Bilbao, Spain in a few days. Here’s the story. We developed a program called Passport to Innovation® several years ago.  Over time it instills an innovation mindset throughout an organization while […]

Organizations don't need creative leaders, they need ways to channel creativity

Innosight Venture’s Scott Anthony comments on the recent IBM CEO study in a Harvard Business Review blog post, “Are You Tapping Your Creativity Capacity?” He says it’s not about the leader’s creativity, it’s about the organizational support for creativity, creative thinking and creative behaving. (see NIND blog post Creativity named #1 leadership skill for CEO’s) […]

Selling Creative Ideas – the Second Half of the Equation

New ideas and new decisions. You’ve made both.  Time to sell your idea to your boss, clients or other decision makers.  There’s a book to help you be a success in creating an exciting new future. Even though it seems to target “creative” professionals in design and advertising IdeaSelling will be helpful for creative folk […]

A new six-level creative thinking outline for innovation

Context for Creativity and Innovation There are many different definitions of creativity: novelty that is useful is the one used by many Creativity Professionals. I like to take that understanding a little deeper to help clients appreciate that each person has his/her own style for expressing creativity – for generating new ideas and making new […]